OceanNet is an independent NVOCC operator that operates worldwide. The European, Asian and American markets hold no secrets for us. As indicated, OceanNet works with specialised and experienced partners. As a result we have a global network and can fulfil every customer request.


Most of our vessels depart from Rotterdam, Antwerp, Bremerhaven, Hamburg and Zeebrugge.
Apart from this, OceanNet has also managed to develop its base in the Caucasus in the past 25 years. The logistics industry considers us the specialist for this part of the world, for this unique market. OceanNet is one of the few freight forwarders worldwide that is capable of assuring follow-up transport throughout the Caucasus.

So it will come as no surprise that we also have several other branches in addition to our head office in the Rotterdam region, including in the US, Asia and the Caucasus.


Transport within and to the latter region is constantly increasing. Thanks to our knowledge of and experience in this region OceanNet is capable of providing an excellent service to the hinterland, the so-called STAN countries.


So we think we are justified in saying that OceanNet is a global forwarder that provides service with a plus. Forwarding+ in other words.

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